You can watch a movie, but you can live a book.

Use your imagination with Theatre of the Mind.

Why will you like Call Me Crockett? Simple. Crockett is a non-violent man capable of extreme violence. He is a strong character who offers second chances for himself and those he loves.  The novel flows smoothly with unexpected twists and turns, believable action, humor, love, revenge, and hope. A reluctant hero, David Allen Crockett will remain on the big screen behind the reader’s eyes long after the book is finished. But just call him Crockett. He likes it that way.

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The Crockett Series.

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I enjoy motion pictures, but for me at least, special effects have committed an unpardonable sin. They are gobbling up our ability to imagine. The beauty of books lies in that very imagination. We see and hear with our brains, not our eyes and ears. The written word allows us the freedom to create the characters and action to our own specifications. The story comes through us, not just at us. It is called Theatre of the Mind, and it never closes.

As a writer for grown-ups, my function is entertainment. Because I am a grown-up, I indulge myself and write tight dialogue and uncomplicated storylines. Mystery, paranormal romance, or western, my novels are character driven because our lives are often measured by the characters who live in our memories, four dimensional on the big screen behind our eyes.

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