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WRITER'S BLOCK, Issue #08- A YouTube Channel!! Cutthroat Trail News!
February 01, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Why I write

A number of reviewers and such have had very kind things to say about my writing. That really makes me happy. But, what means the most to me are those people who have become so friendly with my characters that they not only enjoy the interplay between them but actually like Crockett and Ruby, or Ruben and Harmony, or Casey and Moira, or Arliss the mule and Little Bill. For those folks, the characters have become more than just words on a page. That is the highest compliment, I think, because it not only requires the suspension of disbelief, it requires a season’s pass to Theatre of the Mind.

The scratching out of stories, plots, and a cast for that theatre is only a beginning, however. To make it all work, it requires people like Jack Davis, the man who creates the covers of my books. Jack and I have known each other for around fifty years. He is a fine musician, and I had both the pleasure and privilidge of working with him in two bands when we were young. I lost touch with Jack over forty years ago, but he stumbled onto our Ironbear website in 2014, and we were reunited.

Joel Becker of Beckbros Productions is another required member of the effort. Joel and I met over twenty years ago when he came to Kansas City, fresh from college, to work in radio. Joel is a close friend, a fine sports announcer, a creative writer, and a wizard in a recording studio. His talent and ability is the driving force behind my eAudiobooks and our YouTube site.

And last, but far from least, there are the ladies. Ulva Eldridge has been my proofreader and editor since the beginning. She has labored long hours, made many sacrifices, and learned a variety of new skills over the past ten years in an effort to make my writing work; and she has done that with very little reward. She is my pal and my Pard, and she can watch my backtrail anytime.

And finally, Laura. She is at the bottom of this list for a very good reason. Laura is the rock on which all else stands. She and I have been married for over four decades, and she has always been both my supporter and my teacher. She is the best person I have ever known, and I depend on her more than I depend on myself. Combined together, Ulva the Magnificent and The Coveted Laura are a force to be reckoned with.

Me? I tell stories.

(An homage to Calvin and Hobbs creator, Bill Watterson.)

For several months, the Ironbear Gang has been working on creating a YouTube channel. It has been a very interesting process! (That's all we're going to say about that!) We named the channel David R Lewis. So, you can just type in David's name and the YouTube search engine will pull it up, or you can click on the link below.

What you will find is a channel that has four playlist at the moment: the Trail series, the Crockett series, Heartland Memories, and Thoughts on Writing. David performs some excerpts from his books, shares some memories of his youth, and rants a little about the writing process. And, once in awhile, he includes a little background information like he does in the video...

Marion Reveals

Or, if you just want to go straight to the channel... HERE'S THE LINK!

David R Lewis

Cutthroat Trail...

coming in MARCH 2016!

Ruben, Marion, and Homer take to the trail once more…this time traveling to “The Nations” Indian Reservation in the Oklahoma Territory as they search for bloodthirsty serial killers.

Where we stand now...

Ulva is still working on the editing. Now that the YouTube Channel is up and running, she'll have more time to work on it. (Yea!)

David has continued working on the eAudio book format of CUTTHROAT TRAIL. With luck, there should only be one more recording session left before it goes to our eAudio publisher.

See...progress really is being made. We'll let you know the release dates in the March 1st newsletter.

The CROCKETT series:

eBook #1 of the CROCKETT series, FEAR OF THE FATHER, is still free everywhere. Here's the links:

Amazon Fear of the Father ***** Barnes and Noble Fear of the Father ***** iBook Fear of the Father ***** Kobo Fear of the Father

As we mentioned last time, David has written a total of 8 Crockett books. At present, 5 are out. Just a heads up...right now, we are planning on releasing the 6th one sometime in April.

DEER RUN TRAIL is free on Amazon and our other distribution sites in ebook format. And, as mentioned before, CUTTHROAT TRAIL will be released soon. That makes 7 books in the TRAIL series.

Passing that information on to all your friends would sure be appreciated. We'll even include a few of the links.

Amazon Deer Run Trail ***** Barnes and Noble DEER RUN TRAIL ***** iBook Deer Run Trail ***** Kobo Deer Run Trail

Thank you.

See ya again on February 1st! And, if you enjoyed this newsletter; please tell all your friends to visit our website and sign up for the fun.

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