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WRITER'S BLOCK, Issue #09-Cutthroat Trail Release!
March 01, 2016

Let the March Madness begin!!!

Why I write

Ah, yes…another Newsletter. Since I am a fictioneer and lie for a living, I’d love to title this piece “The Joy of Writing.” However, as I have said before, I find no joy in writing, but a considerable amount of joy in having written. I much prefer the baby over the process of pregnancy and birth.

For years I cranked out radio and television commercial copy for broadcast companies, advertising agencies, private businesses and such, sometimes as many as ten or twelve pieces a day. I dealt with semi-panicked salespeople who thought I should work eighty hours a week, managers who had no conception of how to deal with employees, business owners who thought they could write, and bosses who believed a two thousand dollar suit was the way to the Promised Land. Then, to retain even a small amount of sanity, I left the city and began to write for me. That was twenty-two and a half books ago.

Credit must go where credit is due. None of those books would have come to anyone’s attention if it were not for the efforts of Ulva the Magnificent and The Coveted Laura. Their endless labors are absolutely responsible for getting my stories proofed, edited, published, available, and noticed. What they do requires skills I do not have and patience that is beyond my conception.

What startles me most in all of this are the people who read or listen to my stuff. The affection I find in many of the reviews is wonderful. I’m not talking about affection for me but for the characters I write about. To realize that people I will probably never know or meet actually like Crockett or Ruben and Marion or Casey and Moira or Frost and Dix is amazing. It dazzles me and is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a writer, I think. I treasure it.

Thank you.


I forgot to mention Arliss the Mule. Everybody likes Arliss the mule.

(An homage to Calvin and Hobbs creator, Bill Watterson.)

Cutthroat Trail Release Date!

Ruben, Marion, and Homer take to the trail once more…this time traveling to “The Nations” Indian Reservation in the Oklahoma Territory as they search for bloodthirsty serial killers.

It's official! Watch for the Amazon Cutthroat Trail release on March 15th! (A Note: It will take a week or so before it displays on other distributor website.)

But...wait! There's more news! The recording of the eAudio book version of Cutthroat Trail has wrapped up. It will be about a month before it gets out to distributors, though.

And, in more news...

David has started on the next book. This one is entitled Glory Trail. So far, he has completed a prologue and first chapter. It promises to be another good story. Don't expect it any time soon, however. David isn't sure where the characters are going to take him on this ride...he's just following along and watching the back trail for the gang.

As you know, last month the Ironbear Gang launched a YouTube channel. Since then, we have put up 24 videos. Plans are to release 4 videos per week. Please check it out; and if you would, follow us on YouTube. We'd really appreciate that!

We named the channel David R Lewis. So, you can just type in David's name, and the YouTube search engine will pull it up, or you can click on the link below.

What you will find is a channel that has four playlist at the moment: the Trail series, the Crockett series, Heartland Memories, and Thoughts on Writing. David performs some excerpts from his books, shares some memories of his youth, and rants a little about the writing process.

This month we decided to share an excerpt involving Arliss and Ruben talking about Ruben's love life...much to his discomfort.

Arliss opines

Or, if you just want to go straight to the channel...


David R Lewis

The CROCKETT series:

Remember: eBook #1 of the CROCKETT series, FEAR OF THE FATHER, is still free everywhere. Here's the links:

Amazon Fear of the Father ***** Barnes and Noble Fear of the Father ***** iBook Fear of the Father ***** Kobo Fear of the Father

As we mentioned last time, David has written a total of 8 Crockett books. At present, 5 are out. Just a heads up...right now, we are planning on releasing the 6th one sometime in late April.

DEER RUN TRAIL is free on Amazon and our other distribution sites in ebook format. And, as mentioned before, CUTTHROAT TRAIL will be released on March 15, 2016. That makes 7 books in the TRAIL series.

Passing that information on to all your friends would sure be appreciated. We'll even include a few of the links.

Amazon Deer Run Trail ***** Barnes and Noble DEER RUN TRAIL ***** iBook Deer Run Trail ***** Kobo Deer Run Trail

Thank you.

See ya again on April 1st! And, if you enjoyed this newsletter; please tell all your friends to visit our website and sign up for the fun.

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