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WRITER'S BLOCK, Issue #10-Release of Crockett 6, UnderCover; progress of Glory Trail
May 01, 2016

Gotta boat? (Lotsa water here!)

Why I write

Here we go again…another bit from ol’ Lewis for the Newsletter. This time something unusual has happened that has humbled me a bit. Now before I stob a toe and tug on my forelock, let me say that I neither court nor pursue humility. But in the words of Ruben Beeler, “I have been took aback.”

When my ebooks and eAudiobooks are totaled up, I have received hundreds of reviews, the vast majority of them complimentary. I’m very grateful for that. To me, it means I am doing my job by creating characters and stories that allow people to escape this reality and live another life for a while. There are a few writers who have done that for me. The knowledge that I have been able to do the same thing for other people is a warm fuzzy.

Recently, while in the company of Ulva the Magnificent and the Coveted Laura, I was exposed to a couple of comments on our YouTube channel from a reader of the TRAIL series who called himself Entirely Uncalledfor. He made some statements about the westerns that stopped me dead in my tracks. One was that he was sorry Marshal Marion Daniels had lost his young wife and infant child shortly after the Civil War. Another was that Arkansas Bill Cole’s finest hour was when he was a United States Marshal.

The intimacy of his relationship with the characters was made evident by those observations. It rocked me back on my heels. It is, I think, the finest sort of compliment a writer can receive. To quote Ruben Beeler again, “I was kindly got.”

Thank you, Entirely Uncalledfor. And yes, Marshal Daniels is some fond of them Gayetty Therapeutic Papers.


(An homage to Calvin and Hobbs creator, Bill Watterson.)

UnderCover (Crockett 6)

Just Released April 29, 2016!

A three-year-old who communicates with her deceased great-grandmother sets Crockett on a course seeking justice for the wife and family of a murdered cop. With help from his new stepdaughter, Stitch, and Whisper the porn queen, Crockett infiltrates a drug business with ties to Italy and Afghanistan as he goes UNDERCOVER.

Trail News

The Cutthroat Trail eAudio Book is now available at Amazon and other audio distributors.

And, in other TRAIL news...

David now has about 1/3 of the next TRAIL book, Glory Trail, done. Be prepared. This book has several unexpected twists and turns. But, as we keep cautioning, don't expect it any time soon. The boys still have David guessing what they're going to do next! And, he's starting to have trouble keeping up so he can watch Ruben, Marion, and Homer's back trail.


We now have 42 videos put up. More should be in place this weekend. Please check it out; and if you would, follow us on YouTube. We'd really appreciate that!

We named the channel David R Lewis. So, you can just type in David's name, and the YouTube search engine will pull it up, or you can click on the link below.

What you will find is a channel that has four playlists at the moment: the Trail series, the Crockett series, Heartland Memories, and Thoughts on Writing. David performs some excerpts from his books, shares some memories of his youth, and rants a little about the writing process.

YouTube-CUTTHROAT TRAIL: Evening Camp

David R Lewis

The Crockett Series

The CROCKETT series:

Remember: eBook #1 of the CROCKETT series, FEAR OF THE FATHER, is still free everywhere. Here's the links:

Amazon Fear of the Father ***** Barnes and Noble Fear of the Father ***** iBook Fear of the Father ***** Kobo Fear of the Father

As we mentioned last time, David has written a total of 8 Crockett books. At present, 5 are out. Just a heads up...come April 29, 2016, we are planning on releasing the 6th one, UnderCover.

Take to the TRAIL

DEER RUN TRAIL is free on Amazon and our other distribution sites in ebook format. And, as mentioned before, CUTTHROAT TRAIL will be released on March 15, 2016. That makes 7 books in the TRAIL series.

Passing that information on to all your friends would sure be appreciated. We'll even include a few of the links.

Amazon Deer Run Trail ***** Barnes and Noble DEER RUN TRAIL ***** iBook Deer Run Trail ***** Kobo Deer Run Trail

Thank you.

See ya again on June 1st! And, if you enjoyed this newsletter; please tell all your friends to visit our website and sign up for the fun.

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