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WRITER'S BLOCK, Vol. 3, Issue #5 New Book Release, Glory Trail Audio Update, and more!
May 01, 2017

Happy May Day!

How I Got This Way...

Writer's Block

There’s an old saw for writers that says, “Write what you know.” That’s good advice. My series of Crockett books as well as my novel, Cowboys and Indians, are all supported by my years as a metropolitan cop. My westerns come from a time when I was lucky enough to listen to stories told by men born in the late 1800’s and by the years I spent working from horseback. Most of my writing has sprung from life experience, in one form or another, and has been written to entertain you, the reader.

Three or four years ago I jumped the rails a bit and wrote a book to entertain ME. It is called “Writer’s Block.” The hero, a man named Arnold Pridemore, is a mildly successful pulp fiction author writing under the name Jesse Quinn. The book takes place in the Midwest Heartland during the early 1990’s and, because of the murder of one of Jesse/Arnold’s fans at a book signing, puts our hero under witness protection in the care of a female police officer and ex-Marine, Shaneel Baker. The kicker: Jesse is white and Shaneel is black.

Throw in a lovely young lady of the evening, and you have three of my most favorite characters. It is an easy read, it is a fast read, and I had a great time writing it. I even started a sequel to it a couple of years ago, but I have yet to finish it. Writer’s Block, I guess.


While appearing at a book signing, pulp fiction author Jess Quinn was approached by a disturbed woman looking for his help. The next morning, her body was found outside his hotel. Thus, Quinn found himself embroiled in an investigation into a high-level prostitution ring with a street wise police bodyguard named Shaneel Baker. Until the next murder, Quinn thought it was a great chance for research and a new plot. After that, he knew the old saw was true: You can't judge a book by its cover.

Writer's Block Release!

Ironbear hasn't released anything for awhile; and to be truthful, David has been getting a little feisty about it! (That's never a good thing!) Falling into self-preservation mode, we quickly dusted off David's all time favorite novel and started sprucing it up. (I know he told you it contained his favorite characters, but he didn't tell the whole truth. He really does love this novel the best. I mean, that is all we have heard about since he wrote it. It's been a long four years!)

So, we are proud to announce that on...

May 5, 2017

Writer's Block is available for Pre-Order!

That's right. On May 5th, Writer's Block, the eBook, will be available for pre-order on Amazon. The actual release on Amazon will be May 19th. Other major distributors will have the book available about a week later. Get ready!

Other Release Updates!

the TRAIL series

Glory Trail Audio Production!

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally happening. David has scheduled studio time for Glory Trail. Production is starting the second week in May. Now, there's a lot of things that go into getting the book ready and up for release. However, Ironbear figures the eAudio book should be available about mid-July. We'll keep you posted.

the TRAIL series: the 9th book Update

Still don't have a cover yet...and no title...


David and the guys are further along on the trail!

Together, they have moved from around 10,000 words up to a little over 15,000. Progress might slow down a little since time will be divided between the new adventure and the recording of Glory Trail. But, even with that, we are hoping it will be out around the first of the year.

Paperback UPDATE!

Calico Trail

We had a few bumps with getting Calico Trail ready for paperback. But, they seem to be smoothing out, now. We are hopefully going to be able to release it in mid-June.

the CROCKETT series Update

The 8th, and final book, in the CROCKETT series, Six Cut Kill will be available on Amazon and other major distributors by the end of this year!


We named the channel David R Lewis. So, you can just type in David's name, and the YouTube search engine will pull it up, or you can click on any of the links below.

Video: Crockett Reunites with Stitch

David performs some excerpts from his books, shares some memories of his youth, and rants a little about the writing process.


David R Lewis

The Crockett Series

The CROCKETT series:

Remember: eBook #1 of the CROCKETT series, FEAR OF THE FATHER, is still free everywhere. Here's the links:

Amazon Fear of the Father ***** Barnes and Noble Fear of the Father ***** iBook Fear of the Father ***** Kobo Fear of the Father

As we mentioned last time, David has written a total of 8 Crockett books. At present, 7 are out. Number 7, Behind the Badge, was released in eBook format, January 27, 2017 on Amazon and Smashwords and has made its way to other major distributors now.

Take to the TRAIL

DEER RUN TRAIL is free on Amazon and other distribution sites in eBook format. GLORY TRAIL was released on December 25, 2016. That makes 8 books in the TRAIL series.

Passing that information on to all your friends would sure be appreciated. Below, we've included a few of the links.

Amazon Deer Run Trail ***** Barnes and Noble DEER RUN TRAIL ***** iBook Deer Run Trail ***** Kobo Deer Run Trail

Thank you.

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