David R Lewis

In my rather extended life, I have been a musician, a metropolitan cop, a ranch hand and cowboy, and (shudder) a writer of radio and television commercial copy. Now, as just another embattled crusader in the writing wars, the most and least I can claim to be is a teller of stories. For me, a good book moves the story along, has humor even in tragedy (people do laugh at funerals), activates the imagination, and ends too soon. My novels are character driven because life is character driven. As we move through the years, snippets of plots rocket by, but very few ever pan out. Characters, however, stay with us through thick and thin, rich with remembered dialogue and situations, four dimensional on the big screen behind our eyes. Free from director or cinematographer, we create a personal reality in our own Theatre of the Mind.

Ulva is my partner in this venture, and this site would not have come to pass without her. She is a fine writer, has taught language arts to both students and educators for 32 years, and was a teacher consultant for the Great Kansas City Writing Project. (It's true! I have seen the t-shirt.) Now retired, she is the backbone of Ironbear.  Inspite of the fact she has chosen to work with me, I believe her judgement to be impeccable and her ability to be outstanding.  I trust her.

The rest of the people in the picture just came in for the donuts.


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Ulva, the trusty sidekick

David says I need to tell the world who I am and what I do.  It seems to me he has done that, but here goes. 

I grew up in a time when there were only three channels on the TV – sometimes.  Summers were meant for early morning work and afternoon adventures – usually under a shade tree with a good book because Mom didn’t let us just sit in the house. Winters were early morning chores, school, afternoon chores, studying, then time to ourselves if we so desired.  I read a lot then, too.  But, I came from a reading and thinking family.  We had tons of books, newspapers, and magazines.  We discussed what we read – even what we happened to see on the TV.  Life was good.

It was natural that I became a teacher.  I mean, what else would a girl who loved to read and write do?

So, I went to college, earned a B.S. in Education (English/Library Science - double major), taught Language Arts for 32 years (retired in 2006), earned a combination of 36 hours of graduate level work from NWMSU (Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO), UCM (University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO), and UMKC (University of Missouri @ Kansas City), got certification in Speech Communications and Theatre, and became a teacher consultant for the Greater KC Writing Project through UMKC .  Along the way, I have done writing workshops for teachers (in regard to teaching writing) at local, district, and state levels, have written grants for my school, and have directed play productions, sponsored a drama club, and coached a winning speech competition team.  Heck, I have even sponsored a dance team and taken them to nationals in Florida – and I can’t dance! 

Don’t tell David, but the truth of the matter is I’m just here for the donuts, too.  (I’m the pretty one in the picture!)


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