Bare Naked Chickens

We lied.  This is a duck, not Bare Naked Chickens.  But, we just wanted to get your attention.  It worked, right?

Now that you are here, we would like to introduce you to a few of our talented friends and their unique work.  So, take a moment, if you will, and meet some of the people who keep Ironbear on its toes.

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First, we would like to introduce Jack Davis, one of David's life long friends and the man responsible for the graphic design behind our business cards, our Facebook cover picture, our logo, and so much more! 

Another Awesome Author

Ulva agreed to do a book review for Melissa Haag and ended up not only loving her books but also becoming one of her editors. 

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Judgement of the Six

Our world is being judged and we remain unaware. When the verdict is determined, who will remain to rule?

Oh, and just in case you'd like to know...her first book of the series, Hope(less), is free on Click here to get it.

Besides the series, Melissa also has two standalone titles.  You can read about them here.

And now, our awesome producer of our eAudio books and Heartland Memories CD's,

Joel Becker.

David met Victor Mason through an exchange after Victor wrote some wonderful reviews for the Trail series.  Of course, that lead to a lot more communication since Victor and David both have a deep love of music. Now, because of their friendship, Victor has been working to promote David's work.  

David has some other life long friends who have freely given him encouragement and support for his creative energy.  Dr. Joseph Thomas and Crystal Leaman are very special people.  They  help keep that energy flowing.

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