by Stephen Coonts

This novel, released in 1986, is the first of several recounting the life of Jake Grafton from his time as an A-6 Intruder pilot in Vietnam. The Intruder is one of the most long-lived aircraft ever to serve the American military. It began its most notable service as a sub-sonic, low level, all weather bomber in the Vietnam war. Stephen Coonts speaks of this airplane and that time with considerable authority. He was an Intruder pilot in Vietnam.

In FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, Coonts puts the reader in the cockpit at night, going "feet dry" over South Vietnam amid ground fire, SAM missiles, hysterical fear, and glorious flying. In his company you will meet those magnificent men who lived, flew, fought, and died in the chaos of that war. From shore leave to life on an aircraft carrier, from insane missions to inane politics, by the time Stephen Coonts and Jake Grafton are done with you, you will know what courage and courts marshal are all about.

A movie of this novel was released several years ago that did the author's work and scarifice little justice. The book is a different matter. It fills the bill with action that exceeds excitement, authentic characters, acerbic humor, and even a love story. FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER is intrusive indeed, and you will take Jake Grafton and company with you long after the book is finished.

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