the CROCKETT series
by David R Lewis

     In the CROCKETT series of novels, a recluse and disability-retired police officer, David Allen Crockett leads a mundane and predictable life until his therapist, Ruby LaCost, kicks him out into the world. With love and loss, a hippie helicopter pilot, and a Texican reject from the Secret Service, the help of a moneyed Grand Dame, and a smart-mouthed psychologist, Crockett, a born-again warrior, returns to life.

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David Allen Crockett, a disability-retired police officer, simply wanted to be left alone. His seclusion is shattered by a phone call from his friend and ex-therapist, Ruby LaCost. At Ruby’s request, Crockett agrees to teach one of her clients, Rachael Moore, a troubled woman in fear for her life, how to use a handgun. During the course of those lessons, Crockett and Rachael are drawn out of their respective shells and begin an intimate relationship. When Rachael dies of an apparent suicide, Crockett is shattered; and Ruby begins the loving work of putting him back together.

During Crockett’s recovery, he is contacted by Rachael’s aunt, who believes the suicide was murder. Together, Crockett and Ruby begin an investigation that leads them into a world of treachery, deceit, and death. Intertwined throughout the story is the discovery that, while love between a straight man and a gay woman may not overcome homosexuality, it can, at least, make it something less than a deal breaker.

What Readers are saying

Five stars….witty

By Barnaon  June 11th 2015

Murder, suspense, romance, and wit. This books had it all. I loved the witty exchanges between the main characters, Crockett and Ruby.

Five stars…Great read

By Jeffery Duncanon June 4th 2015

Couldn’t put it down. Unique but somehow familiar characters. I loved it. I am going to buy the rest by this author.

Five stars…

By Beth G. on May 30th, 2015

I don’t want to give away the “just desserts” given the villains, but their demise was well deserved. Until now my favorite two murder/mystery heroes were Jack Reacher and Lt. Eve Dallas. Now Crockett has joined them. Whoever knows the phrase “Lord Love a Duck” will have to read this terrific novel to understand why I am using it here. I most unusual romance develops between Crockett and Ruby. READ THIS! You won’t be disappointed.

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In the 2nd book of the CROCKETT series, after trying to help a friend with bad dreams, Crockett and Ruby are visited by a beautiful woman who was the victim of murder over fifty years ago.

From an unknown grave, she sets them on a course to save her great- grand-daughter from repeating the mistakes of three generations. With the help of Cletus Marshal and the skill of a Vietnam era helicopter pilot, Crockett and Ruby attempt to rectify a past, save a future, and keep a Grave Promise.

What Readers are saying

Five stars...   

By Holly Du

     Ruby and Crockett are at it again, bantering and exploring their emotions while solving a fascinating murder mystery that spans several generations. Though confused about how their lives fit together, Ruby, Crockett and the reader know they do somehow. Love, humor, and intense excitement made this book hard to put down.

Five stars…

By Rebecca Swann on August 14

     I love these books. I am very excited for the fourth to be released this coming weekend!

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On vacation in a house on wheels, Crockett and Ruby’s luxury camping trip is interrupted by the discovery of a runaway girl hiding in the basement of their motor home. When the child is reunited with her mother, the kidnapping of a brother is brought to light; and, once again, Crockett is on a mission. With the help of a retired firearms instructor, Crockett, Cletus Marshal, and the redoubtable Stitch are supplied with the talent and tools to challenge a group of white separatists and bring the kidnapped boy home. It’s Crockett and company against a racist militia, and the trick to survival is Situational Flexibility.

What Readers are saying

Five stars…

By Lee Jeronimo on June 16th, 2015

     Best narrative I’ve read in a long time. Some so humorous I laughed out loud and had to restrain myself in public Well worth reading this writer!!

Five stars…

By Rebecca Swann on August 13th, 2015

     My favorite of the Crockett series! They just keep getting better!

Click here for an excerpt from SITUATION FLEXIBILITY

Crockett is enjoying a new life at Watkins Marina on Truman Lake when a call from Cletus shatters his reverie.  Ruby has been abducted.  Pulled back into what he'd left behind, Crockett is plunged into a terrible reality.  He and Clete are on the hunt in the wilds of northern Arkansas, time is running out, and Ruby is in chains.

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What Readers are saying

Five stars…

Love the Crockett series! By Bonnie C. on August 24, 2015

     I enjoyed this book so much. Love the characters, especially Crockett and Ruby. I hope the next one comes out soon!

Click here for an excerpt of ABDUCTED.

Yet again, Crockett finds himself needing to rebuild his life.  Too much has happened to go on like he is.  Just when he thinks he’s got it all figured out, one of Ruby’s old friends, Carson Bailey, reaches out to him because there is no one else to turn to.  She confesses that she is in the Federal Witness Protection Program but feels that her cover has been blown.  From a vicious attack and murder near Chicago to a rogue FBI agent, to hired killers, to the wilds of the Black Hills, Crockett, Cletus, and the gang fight for their lives while trying to help a woman on the run.

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A three-year-old who communicates with her deceased great-grandmother sets Crockett on a course seeking justice for the wife and family of a murdered cop.  Crockett, Stitch, and Clete, with help from Satin’s daughter, Danni and her friend, Whisper, infiltrate a drug business with ties to Italy and Afghanistan as Crockett goes UNDERCOVER.

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Crockett takes a part time job as a small-town cop and becomes suspicious of a local nightclub.  With the help of the Missouri State Police, a cute undercover operative, and the ever-present Stitch, Crockett begins an investigation that leads to murder, mayhem, and more when he goes BEHIND THE BADGE.

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