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Good Lord, does this guy ever stop?

Over the years I have compiled a disgustingly large collection of the written word and dozens of awards from well-meaning individuals who may have been in an altered state at the time. From literally thousands of radio and television commercials, to hundreds of short offerings on my childhood in the American Heartland, to dozens of rants and, so far at least, twenty books, I have endeavored to persevere.

While I would not consider foisting the vast majority of these sometimes mindless ramblings on you, the unsuspecting victim, I have been coerced and browbeaten into presenting a few of them. You will find some of my novels linked to this page, as well as locations where you may expose yourself to stories from my kidhood and other subjects, and even a site where you can find pieces to listen to, as well as CD’s of some of my true, as opposed to tall, tales.

Screw up your courage, dive in, and look or listen around. Just click on the header you want, and the Internet Spirit will take you there. You may actually find some things you like. To tell the truth, I hope you do.

Some years ago I was involved in a weekly radio magazine called Radio for Grownups. Among my duties on that program was to provide an audio vignette of a story from my personal experience. My stories became popular, and many of them are available for listening on heartlandmemories.com. Drop by, tangle with Baby the Bull, jump out of a perfectly good airplane, or remember your grandfather. Click the link below and enjoy some memories from the heartland.

Heartland Memories website (audio story page)

Memories CD's

Funny, touching, and charming stories of life, love, and learning, superbly told by the author.  These timeless slices of days gone by will capture your imagination and warm your heart.

Warm Memories of the Cold

Nine of David's best memories of snow, sleds, skates, cold, and Christmas.

Hooves, Paws, Wings, and Claws

Thirteen recollections of dogs, horses, cats, a misguided veterinarian, and beating the sun.

Just Folks

                                      Memories of thirteen unique individuals that may explain how David got the way he is.

You Had To Be There

                                                 Fourteen tales of times, places, events, and people from David's life.

Click here to listen to excerpts and to order CD's.

David's  Books 

(eBooks and eAudio Books)

(For more information about each book or series, click on its cover.)

Follow Gary Frost, a 1971 street cop, as he deals with civil and racial unrest.  After all, it's the sign of the time.

As she struggles with flashbacks of herself in a different time, Lucin Montgomery begins a journey of self-discovery which includes embracing the power to make her own choices and to fulfill her own needs.

The story of the search for my place in the cosmos and my purpose in the universe . . . I claim no truths but my own . . .                                                              


Click here for eAudio format.

The Year--1803

Mountain man, Nathaniel Horne, is alone and dying in the snow when a savage, native people gave him respite from the cold.  That kindness brought forth Snow-Walker and a new life.

Also, in eAudio format.  Click here for information.

the CROCKETT series

In the CROCKETT series of novels, a recluse and disability-retired police officer, David Allen Crockett leads a mundane and predictable life until his therapist, Ruby LaCost, kicks him out into the world. With love and loss, a hippie helicopter pilot, and a Texican reject from the Secret Service, the help of a moneyed Grand Dame, and a smart-mouthed psychologist, Crockett, a born-again warrior, returns to life.

Fear of the Father is now available as an eAudio Book.  Click here for details.

the NOSFERATI (vampire) novels

Joseph Casey, a reformed vampire, is hiding in a mid-western prison when his secret is discovered. But because Casey is given the chance to find his long lost daughter, he allows his vampire abilities to be placed under the scientific microscope.  Thus begins a brutal story that is also hopeful and credible.  From Chicago to Kansas City, to the depths of the Salonga River Basin in Central Africa, to the mountains of Colorado, Casey confronts the violence of his kind and that of humans.   BLOODTRAIL and its sequel, BLOODLINE, take the reader on a journey that causes bumps in the night to become terrifying.

the TRAILS series

The year was 1881.  Young Ruben Beeler never meant to be a lawman, but trouble on the trail found him riding in the company of Marion Daniels and Homer Poteet.  In order to do what had to be done, Ruben accepted a badge.  After that, there was just no turning back what with there being so much trouble with outlaw gangs, a wealthy Englishman trying to establish his own empire, corrupt lawmen, murder and mutilation, revenge, and renegade Indians .  So come on and ride the TRAILS with these three U.S. Marshals as they do whatever it takes to deliver justice where it's needed.

All the TRAILS series books are in eAudio format.  Click here for information.

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