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What is David R Lewis Up To Now

Get the latest on David R Lewis events: new releases, interviews, book giveaways, rants, and who knows what else.

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David's Novels

This is a list of David's novels - those already published and the ones coming up.

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Good eBook mysteries, paranormal romances, and westerns

You can watch a movie, but you can live a book. Yet, good ebook mysteries, paranormal romances, and westerns get harder to find. Use your imagination with Theatre of the Mind at Ironbear eBooks.

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Bare Naked Chickens

Bare Naked Chickens is dedicated to Ironbear Friends and their incredibile talents.

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Contact Ironbear

Feel free to contact Ironbear with questions, comments, or other brain droppings. We'd love to hear from you. Here's how.

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David's eAudio Books

Discover the rich vocal talent of David R Lews as he brings his character to life through eAudio books.

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Behind the Badge, Crockett 7, news!

BEHIND THE BADGE, the 7th book in the CROCKETT series, is available in eBook format for pre-order on Amazon.

The release date for BEHIND THE BADGE: Small Town Troublemakers is January 27, 2017!

GLORY TRAIL--Release date

Coming soon -- the release of GLORY TRAIL, the eBook! It's a pre-order right now, but the release date is December 25, 2016!

GLORY TRAIL--Catch the Pre-order!

We are excited to announce the release of the eBook, GLORY TRAIL, the 8th book in the TRAIL series. It will be available for purchase November 11 as a pre-order book. It's actual release will be December 25th!

GLORY TRAIL--Coming soon!

GLORY TRAIL, the 8th book in the TRAIL series, is done! Well, we should say the writing part of it is finished. Now, the editing and proofing has begun. Stay tune for announcements in regard to a release date.

UnderCover Excerpt

Undercover Excerpt: Explore the first 3 chapters of Undercover, the 6th CROCKETT!

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the TRAIL series

If you like westerns, saddle up and join Ruben Beeler as he comes of age in the TRAIL series of novels.

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Cutthroat Trail excerpt

Cutthroat Trail, the 7th book in the TRAIL series was released on March 15, 2016. This Cutthroat Trail excerpt contains the first three chapters.,

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An Update: CUTTHROAT TRAIL (in eBook format) is now available on Amazon! It should only be a short time before it shows up on other distributors. We found a few rough spots in the audio recording...but they have been fixed, and the eAudio book should be available by late April.

News Update

Are you ready? We hope so because we have some news for all our TRAIL fans. (Drum roll, please!) The 7th book in the TRAIL series, CUTTHROAT TRAIL, will be released on March 15, 2016.

David R Lewis YouTube Channel

David R Lewis has created a YouTube channel! Enjoy YouTube presentations of David's writings...performed by David, of course!

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News Update

Check out David R Lewis on YouTube. (Yep, we have just launched a channel.) You will find videos that cover the TRAIL series, the CROCKETT series, Heartland Memories, and Thoughts on Writing.

Also, CUTTHROAT TRAIL will be released in March. We'll let you know the exact date in a few weeks!

CUTTHROAT TRAIL--Coming in early 2016!!

Another update for TRAIL fans...David R Lewis has finished writing CUTTHROAT TRAIL. It is now in the editing stage and should be available sometime within the next three months. Keep an eye open, 'cuz we'll be updating our progress.

the TRAIL series #7-Cut Throat Trail

Just an update for TRAIL fans. Book number 7, Cutthroat Trail, is over 2/3rds done! Keep watch for more information on progress and release date by signing up for our newsletter, WRITER'S BLOCK, or checking in at Ironbear eBooks on Facebook or visiting us right here on our website,

Killdeer Trail Excerpt

This Killdeer Trail Excerpt lets you, the reader, experience the start of Trail #6.

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Ogallala Trail excerpt

Read the first two chapters of Ogallala Trail, book #5 in David R Lewis's TRAIL series.

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Writer's Block

Coming July 1, 2015! Subscribe to WRITER’S BLOCK newsletter now, so you don’t miss any of the ups, downs, and just plain funny happenings in the world of David R Lewis and Ironbear.

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Call for help from David R Lewis to his Fans!

Remember how we told you in our newsletter, WRITER'S BLOCK, to keep watch of Facebook? Well, this message is what you have been watching for! We are going to try something new if we can get some help. We want to form a launch team for Crockett #4, ABDUCTED. So, we are turning to our loyal fans. Would any of you like to get an advance reader’s copy (known as an ARC) for ABDUCTED? You would get it before it was ready for release...get to read it and comment on it...and, if you post a review, get to enter a raffle at Rafflecopter for a $50.00 Amazon gift certificate. Any takers? If so, send a message to the Ironbear Ebooks Facebook page, and we will keep you informed on our progress.

Oh, and another deal is cooking! Anyone out there who has read FEAR OF THE FATHER (formerly known as Call Me Crockett) and would write a review for it on Amazon should also message us on the Facebook Page. We would do a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate raffle through Rafflecopter for it, too...if we have enough people interested in doing this. (Please note: we expect you to write an honest review of what you think of the book. We are not asking for a good review in exchange for a chance to enter the raffle. The raffle can be entered regardless of what we feel about your review. That’s one of the benefits of using Rafflecopter.)

Incidents Among the Savages

Incidents Among the Savages by David R. Lewis begins in 1803 when the West was the undiscovered country.

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For the curious who would like some Ironbear reviews, don't stop now . . .

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Situational Flexibility excerpt

Please enjoy the first 3 chapters of Situational Flexibility.

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Payback Trail Excerpt

This Payback Trail Excerpt is the first 3 chapters of the fourth book in the TRAIL series

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Endless Journey

David Lewis offers his experience and the wisdom of Henry Rucker. In a fresh approach to spirituality and metaphysics. David has no desire to convert or convince, but to share and support.

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Calico Trail Excerpt

Read the first 3 chapters of Calico Trail.

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BLOODTRAIL book-give-away

BLOODTRAIL will be free on Amazon from April 16th thru April 20th. Go to the Ironbear home page to get the link.

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