Incidents Among the Savages

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The year was 1803. It was a time when the West was not only frontier; it was the undiscovered country. It was the time of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark before the trains of Prairie Schooners and settlers, before cowboys or cattle drives, before Colonel Colt’s six-shooter, and nearly three-quarters of a century before George Armstrong Custer and his men were killed at Little Big Horn. It was a time when the western fur trade was new, and only the first of the mountain men had left the Mississippi behind on their journey into the wilderness. It was there that Nathaniel Horne was alone and dying from the lack of food and the snows of winter. It was there a savage native people, in spite of the fact that he was not a true Human Being, gave him shelter. From that kindness came Snow-Walker, and Nathaniel Horne began a new life with his Incidents Among the Savages.

What Readers Are Saying

Five stars...

by Amazon customer on August 14th 2015

     Very, very good.


Five Stars...

by Kindle Customer on August 9th 2015

     Wow! What great storytelling! I usually read western romances but I have lately been disappointed in what I have come across. My husband suggested this book and I tell you it has made an impression on me. David Lewis is a fantastic writer and I will absolutely be looking for more of his titles.

Five Stars...

by Kindle customer on July 19th, 2015

     Couldn’t put the book down. Probably the best Indian book I’ve ever read, and I am an avid reader of 76 years. My next step is to find more books by David R Lewis

Five Stars...

     Great book! Brilliantly captures the life, times, and plight of Native Americans at the moment of contact with the surging white wave that rolled them up and cast them aside.

-Joe Swann

Five Stars...

     Resonant of an American classic, Incidents Among the Savages is a tale of a man straddling two worlds—the white one he was born into, and the other as an adopted member of the Sioux Nation. As with all his novels, Mr. Lewis’ gift for authentic dialect, keen descriptive style, and talent for crafting believable characters make this book a pure joy to read and a chore to put down. Notably his best work yet, Incidents Among the Savages will leave you awed by it’s power, inspired by it’s courage, and completely shocked by the depth of it’s reach.

-Stephanie Saye

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