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Transplanted from a life of wealth and duty in Philadelphia to the wilds of Kansas City by her career-hungry and inattentive husband, Lucin Montgomery becomes a displaced stranger in a strange land. Her disillusionment with her life and her marriage begins a search for her own sexual identity; a seductive journey of self-awareness that leads from visions of the Willow World of an ancient Japanese courtesan, to the sensual appreciation of her own female essence, to the liberating reminder from a long-dead grandmother that femininity and the ways it may be exploited are without limit, and love has a life of its own. Marvelously drawn with rich characters and luscious dialogue, ONCE UPON AGAIN honors women, their needs, choices, and power.


What the Readers are saying

Four stars...
Intriguing premise

by Holly Du on March 28th, 2015

     David R Lewis weaves a love story spanning time periods and countries. The reader follows the main character as she explores and learns about who was and is becoming. Lewis has done his homework and incorporates many interesting details about the Japanese culture. I loved the variety of characters in this book, and the way the writer so skillfully brings their unique personalities to life. Once Upon Again is a sensitive, sensuous book that won’t disappoint. And you learn some Japanese phrases along the way!


     As a reader, I feel the tremendous impact David Lewis has had on me.  Since D.H. Lawrence, I hadn’t experienced a writer describing so well a woman’s conflicts, lack, ennui, and perhaps the discovery of her own body.  The epigraphs transported me to another world.  This is a page turner.

A book that makes one feel sorry that it’s over.




     A terrific book that honors women, their needs, their choices, and their strengths.  The fact that it was written by a man makes it even more unusual and inviting.  This one is not only about us, ladies, it celebrates us.

Don’t let it get away.



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