The McNALLY Series

by Lawrence Sanders

When Lawrence Sanders was 50 years old , in 1970, his first book, a rather dark effort called THE ANDERSON TAPES, was published. It became a best seller and was made into a motion picture starring Sean Connery. Lawrence Sanders was off and running. He became one of the most popular authors of his day, specializing primarily in the crime/mystery/thriller genre. From 1992 through 1997, the year before his death, he published a total of seven books in his McNally series, books that feel as if he wrote them just for fun.

Archy McNally works for his father's law firm as an investigator among the rich and shameless in Palm Beach. Archy is not big or tough or mean or intimating. He doesn't like guns, is no good at violence, and in his thirties, still lives in a small suite in the home of his parents. While driving his red Miata, Archy is prone to wearing yellow slacks, plaid shirts, and a puce beret as he tries to resist temptation and not cheat on his girlfriend. In truth, Archy is a bit of a fop.

He keeps company with a repeating assortment of off-center characters and uses them and their resources to assist him in his investigations for his father, a droll and stern man with little appreciation of his son's foibles. The plots of these books sometime wander a bit, but so does Archy, and both he and they always find their way home.

Lawrence Sanders' McNally series of books are happy excercises and just plain fun. I urge you to give Archy a try. But, I warn you, he is not built from common clay and can steal your heart. I also warn you that any book in the McNally series with a copyright later than 1997 was not written by Lawrence Sanders, but by Vincent Lardo in an effort to keep the series alive. They do not compare well to the originals.

The seven book series begins with McNALLY'S SECRET, published in 1992. Have fun, but be advised, I couldn't stop until I'd read them all.

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