David R Lewis’ “Trail” series of western novels chronicles the life and times of young Ruben Beeler as he grows from his teen-age years into becoming the man he’d like to be.

     The compelling characters carry the reader or listener into another world with their courage, duty, honor, and humor; and the rich voices, storylines, and dialogue smack of a time and place now lost. Saddle up and get on the trail with Ruben, Marion, Homer, and Miss Harmony. It’s a great ride.

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the TRAIL series, #1

The year was 1881, an’ young Ruben Beeler was makin’ his way along near the Missouri River, findin’ work when he could an’ livin’ the only life he knew. When he come on ol’ Arliss Hyatt, beat to hell an’ near shot to death, Rube done what he could for him. He didn’t know that act of kindness was gonna wind up changin’ his whole life, but it did. Green as grass, Rube was a long way from bein’ any kind of pistoleer or shootist, but when Marshal Marion Daniels come on him, an’ needed help with the Duncan bunch for what they'd done to Arliss, that tussle growed Rube up right quick. He stopped driftin', found friends worth lookin' up to, an' a young woman that was right admirable. Then a town in trouble put him behind a badge of his own, an’ Rube done things he never thought he’d have to do. Life got tough. For the sake a Marion, Arliss, and Miss Harmony, it come time for him to root hog or die, on the DEER RUN TRAIL.

What Readers are saying

Four stars...

By Silverbach on October 31, 2014

     A whole different type of story from the same author who wrote a 'vampire' novel, Bloodtrail. Excellent storytelling, wonderful characters and the initial tale in a series which I intend to read in its entirety. A friend tells me that Mr. Lewis's audio version of the book is wonderful. I'm more a reader than listener but may buy the next book in audio form to get an appreciation of the dialects that one cannot get as purely a reader of the book. Kudos again to Mr. Lewis. He's definitely a new favorite author of mine.

Five stars...

By BluAngel31 on April 23, 2013

     I'd recommend this book to anyone! The characters and plot came alive right from the start! There is everything from depth of character to light hearted fun in this book. I cannot wait for the second one so I can learn more about how Ruben continues to grow and mature! The main characters are fellows I'd love to have in my life. Ruben is honest and hard working, Arliss possesses skill and strength of character and Deputy Marion Daniels is forthright and rugged. Please keep 'em coming! 

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CJ_Mac  Posted May 26, 2012

     Ruben Beeler is a good natured and untested young man on his own since his father died a year ago. His rescue of brutally beaten, robbed and left to die gunsmith Arliss Hyatt sets him on a path filled with danger, violence, friendship and romance.

     This book is written in Ruben's voice and you can't help but like him and want to know what happens to him next. There are moments of subtle humor in his conversations and everyday life that just sneak up on you and have you laughing out loud. This exemplifies the author's ability to create a close relationship between the reader and Ruben. It was so engrossing that I was sad when it ended. So sad in fact that I've already read it twice after buying it less than a month ago.

     It's a great book and I want to share it with everyone. I'm sure my friends and family would like me to shut up about it and I will if they read it and still don't want to talk about it.

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the TRAIL series, #2

Comfortable in his new life in Deer Run, young Ruben Beeler is called away by Marshal Marion Daniels to help in a investigation of murder an’ mutilation north of St. Joe. That begins a search for killers that leads the men into unfamiliar territory, an’ pits them agin a family of villains that has purty much had they way since afore the Civil War. Push comes ta shove right smart, an’ things git hot an’ heavy quick, as even Rube, an’ Marion, an’ Homer, outnumbered an’ outgunned, take to the dodge. It comes to be some desperate for everbody afore they git off THE NODAWAY TRAIL.

What Readers are saying

Five Stars... 

by Earl on December 28, 2014

     I have read all the novels by Louis L’Amour. These western novels by David R Lewis bring you back to the great classic westerns that are hard to put down. Great job, keep them coming!


Nodaway Trail  5 out of 5 stars

By Holly Du

     I felt transported back in time---into the heart and head of main character Reuben Beeler. This book embodied big ideas in simple talk, characters skillfully voiced, and a good mix of trail and town, reflective calm and explosive action. Reuben is maturing. Relationships are tighter. This was even better than the first book!


Great Follow-up to Deer Run Trail! 5 out of 5 stars

By CJ Mac

     Liked this one just as much as I did the first in the series. Can't get enough Ruben Beeler. Keep 'em comin'.

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the TRAIL series, #3

When old money and older entitlement invade Missouri, Ruben Beeler is dispatched by the Federal Marshals Service to investigate complaints from small farmers and ranchers that a wealthy Englishman is taking over an entire county. Rube leaves his wife and their baby at home and enters into a conflict where might is right. Sir Merrit Treadstone is prepared to do whatever is necessary to establish the Calico Cattle Company and his new American kingdom. With Marion Daniels and Homer Poteet, Ruben faces poison, arson, and murder as he struggles to put down a British invasion and stay alive on THE CALICO TRAIL.

What Readers are saying

Five stars...

by CJ McClain on Oct 18, 2014

     Ruben Homer, Marion, and some new friends take on a cattle baron from England to stop his heavy handed acquisition and control of the cattle business in Calico County. As usual with David Lewis’ characters there is some subtle interactive humor and some downright hilarious moments.

     Don’t get me wrong though, this is a story of a determined group of lawmen out to right some wrongs and they are not hesitant to use violent and sometimes brutal means to accomplish their goal.

     I recommend this book and series to anyone who likes traditional westerns with plenty of action and characters you learn to know and like.


Five stars...

     Refreshing and honest. Rube is probably my favorite - he goes from an awkward "aw shucks" to a hard no-nonsense man in control of any situation. He has a gentleness that is very endearing, and a strength that is very reassuring. I Loved Lewis' way of telling his story. This author needs to produce more books.   


Five stars...

     I really enjoyed the story as well as the way it felt so fresh. The style is a breath of fresh air!  Everything about the story is wonderful. All of the David R. Lewis's westerns are truly enjoyable!  


Five stars...
Charlie, Davenport Iowa

     My first western...a pleasant surprise. I find David R Lewis to be a creative writer. His story plot was solid western, witty to the point that I laughed out loud on a couple of occasions and his characters were a good mix. The primary character and star of the series is my favorite, although I found them all to be quite well described (without overbearing, boring detail that numbs a brain) and all of them to have great Character. This book and the attached series just sucks you into the fun, plot, language and overall temperament of the action ... I enjoyed that the primary characters were real people, with real emotions as opposed to the stone cold, psychopathic killers that I was expecting.            


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the TRAIL series, #4

When Ruben Beeler joins Marshal Marion Daniels to investigate an incident of theft and murder, Rube is plunged into a world of dark deeds and black hearts. With the help of an abused and courageous young woman, Rube, Marion, and Marshal Addriss Tippideaux head south of the Missouri line into the hills and hollows of Northern Arkansas and take on an entire clan to see that justice is done. Suspicion of outsiders and hate for the government abounds, and the marshals are much farther from home than the miles they’ve traveled. Revenge is the order of the day, and life is cheap on THE PAYBACK TRAIL.

What people are saying

Five stars...

by Silverbach on December 14th, 2014

    Another fun tale from David. I love the little asides that are thrown in that show the author isn’t just writing the words, but knows the way things work on the trail. I especially liked the little passage about when Marshal Marion Daniels lit out after the rabbit. The short phrase about him shooting the rabbit ‘when it circled back, as they are want to do’, reminded me of times when I hunted rabbits and experienced the same behavior. We had one rabbit that ran the dogs, in our case, three times around a half-mile loop before we managed to cut him off at the pass.

     Looking forward to reading #5 in the series.

Five stars...

by Joe Swann on September 15th, 2014

     Lewis is going to be remembered as one of the great western writers and his reading of his books is a surprising bonus. I have bought a lot of new western fiction that is not good and it makes it doubly refreshing to find the Lewis books. All his books are compelling and leave you wanting more when they are finished. It is not necessary, but it helps to read the books in the release date order. Payback Trail is another in what I hope will be a long line of great Lewis books His characters and dialogue are entertaining and believable. These are men who appreciate horses, mules, guns, and trail food. They also have a frontier kind of practical understanding of the ways of hard men and hard times. Highly recommended to anyone who likes a good story.

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the TRAIL series, #5

Once again, Marshal Marion Daniels calls on Ruben Beeler for help in righting a terrible wrong. Cecil Man-Bear, one of Marion’s old friends, has been crippled, his wife killed, and his daughter stolen by a half-breed. Marion and Ruben take to a trail that leads them far into the Sioux reservation of the Dakota Territory in pursuit of a man called Kills-Many and his band of renegades. With the help of Homer Poteet and an old Indian fighter named Owney Furnish, they make their way into dangerous country on a mission to rescue the daughter and make sure justice is served. It’s a long and hazardous ride on the OGALLALA TRAIL.

What people are saying

Five stars...


     I've read all five books of this series and absolutely love the main characters in this series. The author does a great job of telling the story while showing you who his characters really are. I really enjoy his writing and looking foreword to more books in the series.

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the TRAIL series, #6

         Thirteen people are dead from the savage poisoning of a church well at the zealous hands of a vengeful old woman. With warrants in hand for murder and flight to avoid prosecution, Ruben, Homer Poteet, and Marion Daniels take to the trail of Blanche Boggs.  She has crossed the Mississippi River into the primitive wilds of southern Illinois to return to her old home place. Back among friends and family, Blanche knows she is safe. She isn’t. Nobody is on the KILLDEER TRAIL.

What people are saying

Five stars

Rubin Beeler on the Trail Again

By CJ McClain

     I am happy to see another book in the Trail series. As always, David R Lewis's mixture of adventure, humor and interpersonal relationships keeps me entertained and wishing for more at the end of each book.

      Rubin Beeler is one of my favorite fictional characters and I frequently re-read the entire series. The scenes about his son in this one were priceless. I don't know of another author that brings such life to his characters. Thanks for another great read.


The great western’s reborn

Joe Swann

     Lewis' strong suit is his ability to confront his engaging main characters with a difficult, dangerous and complex problem and then you'll be amazed at the solutions they find using imagination, daring and determination. If you like westerns and have not read the Trail Series by David R. Lewis you owe it to yourself to download it and listen to or read it. Lewis is an amazing author and his growing list of books offers a broad spectrum of great literary entertainment.

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When Ruben Beeler finds a rancher friend shot to death and mutilated, he calls on Marshals Marion Daniels and Homer Poteet for help. That call begins a chase that takes the men from St. Joe into Kansas and down to Hell on the Border and the Fort Smith court of Hangin’ Judge Issac Parker. In pursuit of the killers, the marshals venture into the Oklahoma Territory, or “The Nations” as it was known at the time, following a path of bloodlust that began before the killing of Arkansas Bill Cole. Serial killers are nothing new, as the marshals find out on the Cutthroat Trail

What people are saying

5.0 out of 5 stars

Another Favorite

By CJ McClain

On the trail again with Ruben, Homer and Marion. That is the magic of David R Lewis; I was there in the midst of the chase experiencing the friendship, humor, excitement and sorrow. A great series, not a book in it that I don't love.

5.0 out of 5 stars

I have not read better developed or more likable characters ever

By Bflagon

I have not read better developed or more likable characters ever, in any genre. I would read one of these with minimal or no antagonist/crisis just because I love the characters. Tip: Start reading from book one so you fully understand the characters and their relationships.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great reading

By Kindle Customer

I have read all of the books in this series and they are awesome. The stories are not only great but very entertaining as well. Would highly recommend to anyone that likes western. Great sense of humor Mr. Lewis.

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It was a chance for a new beginning and a better life for a wagon train of hopefuls leaving the war-torn South to relocate in Kansas. Unfortunately, new enemies and old habits die hard, and the truth can come to mean very little. Out-manned and out-gunned, Ruben, Marion, and Homer put their lives on the line as they saddle up and fight for what is right on the GLORY TRAIL.

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