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Joseph Casey, known as a Nosferati, is an inmate in a mid-western prison. Although a vampire, Casey is reformed and has access to all the blood he needs working as an orderly in the prison hospital. His often unintended success in prolonging the lives of AIDS patients is noticed by a researcher who offers him the chance to change his life and the opportunity to find his long lost daughter. Casey seizes the chance and allows his vampire abilities to be placed under the scientific microscope.

For the first time in 400 years, he not only associates with humans, but comes to enjoy and respect them. Thus begins the Bloodtrail and Bloodline journey that leads Casey from merely looking for his daughter, to attempting the discovery of the origin of vampires and the vampire mythology, as well as medical treatment for the Nosferati or vampire virus.

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Tired of his life and weary of his sins, Joseph Casey places himself and his fate in the hands of medical researchers as an object of study. A four hundred-year-old Nosferati now in the power of mere humans, he asks for only one thing in return: help in finding his fourteen-year-old daughter, who he has not seen in over one hundred fifty years, and who is the most bloodthirsty serial killer ever to walk the earth.

From a slave ship run aground in the Plymouth Colony during the hurricane of 1635 to the secret Kansas City laboratories of The Proteus Trust; from the sub-basement of Chicago’s Field Museum to the wilds of northern Arkansas; from the beauty of the Colorado high country to the legendary mountains of Austria, Bloodtrail is a novel of lost love, found redemption, surprising humor, and merciless brutality.

Bloodtrail deals with the humanity of the vampire subject, combining history, science, myth, and legend with memorable characters and an inventive plot. Make no mistake. This remains a brutal story, but it is also funny, tragic, hopeful, loving and, most importantly, credible. More than just another vampire tale, it puts the genus under the microscope, explaining through medical science and DNA research how the Nosferati came to be, as it transports the fable to a new level of realism and believability with solid characters and honest dialogue.

Amazon Reviews

     5.0 out of 5 stars

The writing sparkled, not the vampires,

By Dixie "Dixiane Hallaj" 

This review is from Bloodtrail (Kindle Edition)

     This book hit the ground running and did not stop. The characters were believable and the writing interesting. Yes, there was blood and gore and sex and violence, but there was also love and beauty and tenderness. Lewis did a great job of melding myth and science, innocence and depravity, into a coherent world. This is without a doubt the best vampire book I have read yet. Who knows, the sequel may be even better.



      5.0 out of 5 stars

Steven King wishes he still wrote this well!

By Gregory Hall 

This review is from Bloodtrail  

     I now believe in things that go bump in the night! David Lewis owes me for one pair of soiled underwear and the three new deadbolts I recently installed on our backdoor. Bloodtrail is the kind of book that slams the reader against the windshield at 75 mph during the prologue and then doesn't hit the brakes for almost 500 pages. Rarely does a book begin with this kind of mayhem and intrigue and sustain the pace. An intelligent, humorous, savage tale told by a master storyteller. Buy it, read it and become one of the infected.


Four stars by Silverbach

     I really enjoyed Bloodtrail and will be purchasing the sequel, Bloodline. Mr. Lewis not only writes very well but has put a new twist on the old vampire story line. The concept of re-crossing the line from Nosferati back to ‘human’ is wonderful. The parallel to the trials of an alcoholic returning to a sense of sobriety lends a sense of reality. The scientific possibilities of creating a cure for all disease is also uplifting. This book is good on many levels and mixes the brutality of the Nosferati with humor which provides the reader with a bit of relief from the intensity of the main plot. I highly recommend it. Bravo, Mr. Lewis

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This story continues with Joseph Casey, the central character from Bloodtrail. Casey, now working with an investigative laboratory, spearheads a team expedition into the African rainforest in search of the origins of the Nosferati virus in an attempt to isolate a healing mechanism contained in the twelve strands of DNA carried by those few individuals who survive death from the viral infection and become addicted to human blood.

While in the Congo, Casey and his party deal with river pirates, discover a secondary blood-driven civilization powered by our closest simian relatives, and are present at the death of the oldest sentient being to have ever lived, an ancient woman born during the Bronze Age. Returning home, he must then attempt to rescue his son, who has been lured away to a Nosferati breeding facility in southern Mexico.

From the depths of the Salonga River Basin near The Great Rift in Central Africa, to the Mountains of Colorado, to easy pickings among the destitute and homeless of sprawling Mexico City, Bloodline is a novel of brutality, love, need, and humanity among the un-human. Featured is the infant Hope, torn from her mother’s womb in Bloodtrail, as she deals with becoming a woman and a Nosferati.

 Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Great sequel, January 19, 2014 


Anthony McFadden 

This review is from: Bloodline (Kindle Edition) 

A follow up to the fantastic Bloodtrail, Bloodline goes to Africa - deepest, darkest Africa - in an attempt to find the source of the Nosferati virus.

Yes, that's what I said. Vampirism is nothing more than a viral infection with really nasty symptoms.

Casey returns from the first book, with a partner, kids (very, very special kids) and the support of a very well funded medial lab. His (and their) goal? To find the source of the Nosferati virus and somehow distill its healing properties.

The trip to Africa was written so well, I would not be at all surprised to hear that Lewis spent considerable time there. There's nothing in his bio to suggest that, though, so it has to go down to impeccable research - something rarely seen these days.

Their African voyage included river pirates, shady deals, bonobo chimps and, ultimately, the source of all vampire mythology. (By the way, guess how much success a band of river pirates have against a couple who can see perfectly well in the dark, have the strength of ten and have no fear of blood.)

Throw in a disgruntled (and turned) former employee and teen-age lust, and you've got a page turner that will keep you up nights to finish.

The characters are very well drawn, the writing is crisp and the plot unfolds at a very good pace. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who hasn't bothered reading a vampire story before. Bloodline (and Bloodtrail) are perfect antidotes to the sparkly stupidity.



Five stars by Silverbach

 A really good second book as a follow-up to Bloodtrail. The venture into the Congo Basin was obviously well-researched by the author and kept me up late turning pages to learn the final outcome in the quest for the origin of the vampire virus. The conclusion of the book left open the possibility that there is a newly-converted Nosferati wandering the land on the outskirts of Mexico City who might emerge in a third book in the series, if the author wishes to continue the sage. Even if a third book is not to come, this one was another great adventure by a talented author. Wonderful story and characters.

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